Ready to take a deeper dive into what's possible with ICM photography? Our Longer Exposures Online Course could be the perfect option for you.  

The course includes eight lessons, 65 minutes of video, 8 PDF's and the teacher's feedback of your ICM photographs. Only for £95.

We will explore:

*4 x different movement combinations
      *Covering Part of the Lens     *Slow Zoom    
  *Upside Down     *20-minute exposures

This is the version of the Longer Exposures course where the teachers will review your photos at the end. If you are looking for the more affordable version with no review, click here.


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In this course we will be further evolving our ICM Photography skills by using even longer exposure times than before.  The reason for using these longer exposures is that you get to control more elements within the image. For example you can have multiple different types of movement. You can keep some elements static, and then introduce movement. The creative possibilities really are endless and we are going to take you through several different techniques in this course.

In this workshop there are 8 self-study lessons that each teach you a way to benefit from longer exposure times.

Each of the 8 lessons has a video that explains the technique and the exercise. You will also receive a PDF download of each exercise. You will receive the next lesson upon completion of the previous one. 

At the end of the course you can submit 3 ICM photos to the instructors to receive feedback on your images 

For this course you only need a camera in which you can adjust shutter speed, aperture and ISO, basic knowledge on how the camera works, and an editing software. 

Learn creative long exposure photography now!

In this course you will

  • Learn how to benefit from even longer exposure times!
  • Watch 8 videos accompanied with 8 downloadable assignments
  • Advance your ICM Photography skills
  • Study at your own pace whenever and whereever you want
  • Receive feedback on your images from one of the instructors 

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